Best High-Megapixel Camera Smartphones Early 2020!

Top 64MP and 108MP camera smartphones in early 2020, high-megapixel cameras offer more resolution for crisper, cleaner images and ability to zoom and …


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  1. After watching your reviews i got my Xiaomi note Mi 10 and i can say it's really good for the price 455$ and i'm very satisfied with the video and image quality …thanks for your reviews .

  2. Imho redmi k20 will be one of the best deals..since its 128gb variant sells for $220 in my area,imx586+tele+ultrawide for that price aswell as sd730 is the perfect balance..i know the mic is only 96kbps but just slap in rode mic and it will be a gamechanger for vid

  3. The one thing i want all android should focus is the videa camera performance n quality.. Until now no oem can match iphone in term video quality.. Stablity, smooth panning, 60 fps can use for 3 lens without problem,

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