Falling Into THE ABYSS in Virtual Reality (The Forest VR Episode 4)

In this highly anticipated Episode 4 of The Forest VR for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Valve Index, Josiah and I try to explore the sinkhole in an attempt to find our …


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  1. Well time to wait for another year to watch another of his awesome videos. Also MeLikeBigBoom I think u and Josiah should make videos more now please do it for your fans I would love to see y'all make another video every week or even month

  2. Hey next time you die, hit me up I know cpr. You go ghost every other video my guy ? you have really good content, focus on what makes you happy though.

  3. Wow!!.. I've waited Years to watch this episode.. I thought you two stopped streaming and totally forgot your channel… I really like your videos..Hope you guys still post some more videos…

  4. I absolutely love this channel…it needs WAY more action…

    Saints and sinners
    Doom vfr

    I know these aren't 2 player but we could have Joshua's voice and reaction as an imaginary friend or so in it …would be amazing I am sure of that

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