iWatch, Galaxy Gear 2 and Google Gem: is 2014 year of the smartwatch? | The TechRadar Show

With a slew of new wearables on the way, as well as gathering whispers of the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 and ever-elusive iWatch, TechRadar asks whether 2014 …


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  1. I own and wearing it right now the Gear 2 Neon. For the 1st week I was skeptical and I thought it was a waste of money. After the 1st week I realized how much I use it. After a month, I cant live without one. I am not allowed to use my phone at work or on the road and the watch allows me to know who is calling, who is texting me, and tells me exactly what email I just received. This and more. So yes, I love them and can't wait till they make them more powerful. 

  2. "exciting…  potentially"  why do people get so "excited" about such boring hideous junk yard, landfill destined gadgetry anyways?  so SAD!  my goodness me!

  3. How is the iWatch so innovative if it doesn't even exist yet? This sort of baffles me? Will Ive been waiting for cool stuff like this since Star Trek…

  4. Why do people bash the galaxy gear? Theyre the reason the smartwatch even exists and is popular, the I watch is going to be lame just like all of apples other bullshet. I have a galaxy gear and I am in love with it.

  5. now the goverment can keep track of you with this wearable device that contains an rfid chip you will rarely take off your wrist , get out your credit card sheep

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