Bitcoin's Most Exciting Updates Are Coming In 2020 – Developer Jimmy Song

Bitcoin’s Most Exciting Updates Are Coming In 2020 – Developer Jimmy Song
Today we are joined by Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song to discuss the latest upgrades that are coming to Bitcoin in the next 12 to 24 months. We also discuss why Bitcoin has never been more important. Full timestamps below. #Bitcoin #Finance #Economics

0:00 Hard Money vs Payments Network
6:18 Lightning Upgrades & Routing
11:05 Lightning Applications
14:00 Strike & Zap Payments
17:00 Liquid & Sidechains
20:18 Taproot & Schnorr
29:23 Dandelion
32:00 Mimble Wimble
35:33 Handshake
38:10 BCH Developer Tax
42:30 BSV & CSW
45:33 Altcoins & Zombie Companies
50:55 Carnivory

Book: Programming Bitcoin

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  4. Both LN and Liquid are completely centralized shit. C. Decker himself recently wrote LN can't scale BTC and Liquid master keys are held by bankers. Comical.

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  6. MimbleWimble based crypto projects will be very important in a future. Stuff like that should be in bitcoin protocol by default. Sadly it is not. But maybe in future.

  7. It's true once you learn what and how bitcoin works you don't need to learn more about it but you need to constantly be looking for new and better token that might displace it.

    Secondly why would anyone want to pay for anything with bitcoin? Don't you risk losing out on the massive growth in the future? spend your bitcoin at 10k value and it goes to 100k and you feel super bad. Am I missing something?

  8. I really love all your content but please dont invite Maximalist clowns in here who are screaming for $1 ETH because they are delusional and full of hatred. These biased clowns are not welcome within the crypto space

  9. So maybe I failed to hear the bullish case for btc. All upgrades talked about sounded centralised and heading into next bull run will be useful because transactions going to slow down again.
    Then wait 18 month meme for actual upgrades coming to reduce transaction sizes…..
    Used to like Jimmy, knowledgeable for sure, but stuck in his bubble.

  10. Are you really giving a spotlight to this toxic brainded maxi? He wished every altcoin holder to lose money..

    Not unsubscribing just because your content is quality, but this made you lose points.

  11. In what way is grin a scam? It does what it is advertised to do. That's not a scam. These maximalists reveal their insecurities when they call everything a scam.

    These new btc developments are exciting. The $#!+ talking is really unfortunate, though.

  12. Jimmy Song is a complete moron… nice hat clown! If you listen to these guys, then you don't know anything about bitcoin… Hey jimmy, how does spv, and merkle trees work in bitcoin??? Lmao.

  13. I appreciate the content nugget, very informative. Don’t worry too much about people arguing about this or that and their opinions in the comments. Keep up the good work ?

  14. At 12.00 Jimmy mention End to end encrypted messaging You guys should check out as a privacy platform & privacycoin UltraNote is super exciting as it already has end to end Blockchain encrypted messaging with IPFS encrypted File transfer. You have TorNetwork implemented, Staking & Privacy Browsing.

  15. Wow!! Jimmy is educated!! The knowledge he is retaining is impressive!!
    Gotta love super minds!!!
    Well handled Alex, this was intense.

  16. BSV is Bitcoin do not get scammed by buying any other coin – Satoshi Nakomota is Craig S Wright chief scientist at NChain follow Coingeek for all the relevant upto date information for what is happening with BSV Bitcoin. Anything else is a scam !

  17. Bitcoin is following an equilibrium on the monthly. From the lower high that we had at 14k to the higher low at 6400k. Then another lower high at 10500k and now we are waiting for the 4-hour trend to change to confirm a higher low on the weekly. I expect a break of this equilibrium within the next two months.

  18. I like to think about how we're talking about all this fancy schmancy new technology but there will come a day where we will look back and smirk at how basic this all is compared to what we will have then.

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