Inside Valve: Making Half-Life: Alyx for Virtual Reality

Half-Life: Alyx is almost here, the culmination of years of development and experimentation with VR gaming. Back in December, we sat down with Valve’s Robin …


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  1. Is there still smooth locomotion? if we are forced to use teleportation, that will be a huge bummer for such a great looking game.

  2. Here's an abridged list of games that have been produced by (or with the help of) Valve:

    • Half-Life

    • Half-Life 2

    • Half-Life 2: Episode 1

    • Half-Life 2: Episode 2

    • Half-Life: Alyx

    • Left 4 Dead

    • Left 4 Dead 2

    • Portal

    • Portal 2

    • Counter-Strike
    • Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

    • Counter-Strike: Source

    • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    • Team Fortress Classic

    • Team Fortress 2

    At this point, I think Valve might actually hate the number 3.

  3. More Half life games coming in the future

    Robin Walker: "Half-Life means a lot to us, and it's been incredibly rewarding to refamiliarise ourselves with its characters, setting, and mechanics. There are Half-Life: Alyx team members who have been at Valve since Half-Life 2, and quite a few who go back to the original Half-Life. There are also people on the team for whom Half-Life: Alyx is their first time working on this series at all – and many of them certainly hope it's not the last. We absolutely see Half-Life: Alyx as our return to this world, not the end of it."

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