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  1. Docking points off over a dungeon crawler being repetitive is like being mad about constantly killing people in a shooter. That's the point.

  2. You only give it an "ok" cause you're not fully invested in the gameplay. That's how Dungeon Crawling works: u literally have to do those "monotonous grinding". I don't see u guys complaining about other games that has this set-up =3=

  3. This is what i was afraid of when it comes to reviews for these games. They're always treated unfairly just because of the genre it's in. It happened with Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky and it's happening again here. The game for me is an 8/10 based on my experience with it.

  4. This could have been an opportunity to fix the problems with the original titles. Instead, they put lipstick on a pig and call it a beautiful woman.

  5. Basically, if you liked the original, you’ll love this one for the improved art and great story updates. If you didn’t like the original’s simplistic dungeon crawl where you could pick moves for combat, but it is easier and works better to just hold the A button and let the Pokémon pick its best move for you (like the reviewer), then the improvements won’t be enough to make you like it. I mean, in other words, it is a better looking remake in all that that entails.

  6. Played it on the game boy advanced and it was amazing for me everything looks better than it did before reviewer doesn’t have patience I assume

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