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  1. Hi! I have this question that keeps bugging me ever since..

    if i choose a phone because it has 64gb of internal storage, is it possible that its camera quality is different from the same model phone but the maximum storage capacity is like 128gb?

  2. got the mi9t othe day for under 300 usd, loving it. Don't game heavily so slower processor wasn't much of an issue, and don't take many photos. It is a stunning phone. the pro was going be an extra 100. Didn't think it was warranted.

  3. Agree with you.. my friends got redmi note 8 and realme xt… Pero sobrang layo ng deperensiya ng picture quality compared sa realme 5 pro ko… And agree din ako sa naging top 1.sobrang gusto ko tong phone nato since ni release… Overall package for what you need! Ika nga,Kaso di n kaya Ang presyo.. kaya napunta ako ky realme 5 pro (?)

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