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  1. Zombie U is a gem, a most unique title, one of the very few games properly designed to take advantage of the WII U control system.

  2. Sounds like you hated this game so where is the awful score? BTW I've played this game and I really liked it don't listen to them they don't know what the f**k they're talking about

  3. I think ZombiU is a very good game, i enjoyed it, because of it's silent atmosphere, and the terrifying sensation of the zombies following you, and also, I loooved playing it with headphones, it's way more scary and the audio is very realistic, I could give zombiU a 7.5 at least

  4. Clunkyness is part of the experience. Resident Evil 7 controlled even more clunky in my opinion, but that is not bad, as they are both meant to be fear inducing, not fast paced destruction based “Im invincible” feeling inducing. If they want that, go play Doom. You are vulnerable, and clunky controls emphasize that. For me, it work in the games favor.

  5. Playing zombiU for free on xb1 and I believe it is a great game, the campaign is very interesting and has aspects to making the game very scary, combat isn’t a very concerning feature, it may seem repetitive, but does not bother the experience at all.

  6. It's an ok game I guess. The thing I never liked about the game is the scientist you have to help out. He constantly keeps giving you things to do and feels like a chore. Plus, it takes up like half the game more or less. I didn't care who this guy was.

    The game had a great start in my opinion. I liked how The Prepper backs you up by guiding and teaching you the things needed to survive throughout the game. I just wish the game was more dedicated more to the survival part, not having it slowly turn you into the hero by assisting the cures creation.

  7. I think sometimes you guys are too harsh on games. I would've given this game an 8/10. Sure… it has it's problems… but overall I thought it was a great experience and one I will definitely replay in a couple of years or so, maybe even sooner :).

  8. it's a survival horror game that is why when you loot some of the time there's no ammo or health, it's meant to be hard
    don't agree with this review. I give it a 9/10 it was brilliant. a proper survival horror game in a sea of action horror games released as of late.

  9. I liked this game alot! I think it came with the wii when I bought it. It was my first zombie game and i thought it was easy to follow, the controls weren't complicated and it was challenging at times which made it quite fun. It's probably the only wii u game that fully utilized the gamepad in my opinion. I hate that I had to sell my wii u and my games 2 years ago but I would definitely recommend this game to everyone.

  10. I loved Zombi and Zombi-U. Fun but repetitive. IGN just washes scores unless they're given a reason to give it a good score cough cough Benjamins cough

  11. I love ZombiU, the graphics are dated, but I still love the look of it. this game takes full advantage of the wii u controller. This is probably the only time a Wii U version of a game is way better than a PS4 or xbone. play this game during winter with noise cancelling headphones for total immersion.

  12. Someone needs to make a mainly multiplayer game (similar to L4D or Evolved) where there is the survives and the Zombie Master. If done right it could be really fun.

  13. Well everyone has the right to like what they like. This game does a great job with isolation, and environment+ just enough jump scares to keep you freaked out. It's a survival game. I agree with the head bashing but you pick up several different weapons and I good shot to the head, depending on which gun, u can move on…or in some places avoid them altogether and run. It's an intense game. I love the WiiU it's unique and fun and I'm completely satisfied with it.

  14. Greg Miller dislikes any game that isn't either an arcade shoot em up, or thoughtless action game. Any game that requires stealth, strategy, or critical thinking he has no patience for. Good thing he left IGN to go on his own and do……………… what's he doing again?

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