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  1. They're not attacking BTC… They're trying to pull its price down, so they can buy it at lower prices. They're using the same old techniques, to drive stocks down, so they can buy it afterwards.

  2. Dollar holders need to chart their currency against BTC and be warned how rapidly their buying power is eroding. Endlessly, inevitably, mathematically, they are failing HAAAARD against BTC.

    That man warning against crypto is making terrifically reckless and incorrect statements. His cognitive dissonance is causing those who listen to such "authorities" to be destroyed also. Their financial development is being retarded by listening to people like him. And their delay entrring the crypto world will cost them exponentially with each cycle that they miss.

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  4. It will be similar more and more while people who invest in SP500 invest in crypto as well. Same men same thinking, same goes for the broker who would handle. As we go forward in time with more similar people or with more money in crypto it will act more the same way.

  5. Why do bankers and politicians care so much about people these days?

    They don't care about people's wellbeing, financials, health or personal situation.

    But they do a lot of effort in advising people about Bitcoin?!

    They don't advice people about investing in stocks, insurance or whatever.

    There much be something good about Bitcoin!!

  6. You want to be careful siding with Bloom. He is sexist, racist, classist, xenophobic, anti-semetic and plainly a horrible human.

  7. I am a boomer 😉 But I get clear the complete picture that BTC has value because it can't be printed out off thin air. It's becoming more and more scares by every halving. I was thinking mid 2017 that I was to late into the crypto. Thanks to you and other crypto youtubers I learned a lot about what has value and what not. This decade is the end of the dollar and Euro and happy
    to trade every day more BTC in amount and value. Thanks for bringing up this to the broad youtube public

  8. when has this joker andrew guy started being so concern about our money? o right he wants to scam our money in his banking endless printing system

  9. Fiat carries viruses and disease. That's its intrinsic value. Can you imagine who touched your fiat? Also, can you imagine where humans put it before you handle it?

  10. The intrinsic value of FIAT is the trust in central banks. The intrinsic value of BTC is the trust in math. So what do you trust more: people vs. math? I trust math.

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