How Virtual Reality Changes 3rd Person Games

Virtual Reality can at a bare minimum enhance 3rd person games just from the extra layer of Immersion and the depth you get from the 3d. It can also change the …


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  1. Great to see the VR 3rd person getting some love. I'm a huge fan. It's like being a kid again and playing with toys 🙂 The other inter-related genre which is sadly a bit neglected in VR are tabletop RPG and strategy games. Titles like Table of Tales and Brass tactics. Again, there's just something about that godlike diorama view that I find hugely compelling. I'm currently working on an auto chess game loosely inspired by Star Wars holochess. Would love to know what you think of the potential of this genre in VR.

  2. I really like 3rd person VR games because sometimes I don't want to bounce around my game room. i played all the games listed here, although I decided to uninstall any Facebook software from my machine so no more oculus games for me. Now I've got my eye on "down the rabbit hole" which comes out in a few weeks.

  3. I have played all these games except the PlayStation only platformer. I was really liking Hellblade but my VR legs could not take it so I never finished it, there was one part of the game that made me repeat trying to open a door or something over and over and stuff like that, in VR moving repeated movements to retry an area really can mess me up!

  4. 3rd person VR games are almost a new genre onto themselves, particularly ones that have you in one environment at a time, like a series of dioramas, ala "Moss". There's just something super-charming about having this miniature world sitting in front of you, with all these tiny little details you can see if you lean in for a closer look. It's particularly well-suited to VR, since everything is so small, the assets don't need to be high-poly, which helps with performance!

  5. Tried none of the game you mentionned but even the mod GTA 5 was AMAZING , you feel surround by the world and as you say to see it with 3d depth is a great enhancement. Would love even more mods like this for non VR based games , for the Witcher as example …. It just elevate the work they put on those environnements

  6. Really good video on VR 3rd person games!!! Hellblade in vr is so good and looking forward to the bright future of vr!!

  7. The only 3rd person game I've played in the last 10 years is Fortnite, so 3rd person VR games have barely pinged my radar. Thanks for showing us what's out there, I picked up Moss through a humble bundle pack, looking forward to it with your recommendation – or at the very least it looks like my wife would enjoy it 🙂

  8. Third person is really the best format for VR. If you ever played Astrobot, you will be 100% convinced. The underwater stuff and the spooky haunted graveyard are the most amazing experiences I ever had. Not sure how any VR enthusiast could possibly not have tried it. Top notch production, music and presentation all around. The only positive first person experience in VR for me was Battlefront VR X-wing mission.

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