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  1. I enjoyed the Lego marvel superhero game as in gameplay but hated the flying, did they fix that in this game or any other of the Lego marvel or dc games so I can buy one, please answer somebody

  2. Problem was, she was reviewing this like any other game, not like a Lego game.
    Non of these so-called "cons" are necessarily problems with Lego games (and that's ANY Lego game).
    While, yes, some Lego games are much better with co-op than others, basically ALL Lego games have an incoherent plot and limited dialogue. That's just how Lego games are.

  3. In retrospect, this game was good but boring to complete. It lacked in what the first game had. I had no motivation and care to unlock almost half the characters. Getting the platinum trophy was a pain. I wanted to free roam a lot more during the story, as I already knew the plot and settings. Hoping Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 does better.

  4. I think the main weak point of this game was the fact that it didn't deliver on it's promise of being a celebration of all things Avengers… Unless you bought DLC, that is. Paywalling classic characters like the Masters of Evil, Kang, and the Black Panther was just plain stupid.

  5. I've played both games and here's my opinion…Superheroes has a lot, a…lot…of replay ability. missions and stages that don't repeat themselves and make me want to go through them again with different heroes. sure, the puzzles are simple and get reused, but since these Lego games were made for kids, I forgive the game bc of it. Lego Avenger's…takes the awesome mechanics from the first Marvel game, and throw them out the window. sure, you get to relive your favorite scenes from the movies…with awkward repeating lines that gets tiring. And the quick time events….really…qte in a lego game? sure, there's times where you have to button mash and then hit a different button during a boss fight or what have you, and that's fine. in fact, those events are pretty fun. But come on, can't we just bury the qte events in games all together?

    overall, if you're a lego fan, then this is a no brainer, get both games to add to your collection. side note, I'm going to snatch up the Harry Potter collection bc HP is life. But if you're tight on money and want the current best superhero like lego game, then pickup Marvel Superheroes…..and set Avenger's on fire

  6. I love this video game and Lego marvel super heroes I own both and I can say both are good for different kinds of marvel fans. This one its more on the film fans and some tv and more obscure heroes the first one is more for comic fans both enjoyable fun video games.

  7. What?!This is a good game,even better then the "Lego marvel superheroes":new abbilities,dynamic story campagin,wide open world,good graphics(for lego game).I am completly disagree with this review.

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