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  1. Hey everyone! This review covers Ori and the Will of the Wisps on the PC. Since Microsoft is releasing a day one patch to fix some stability issues on the Xbox One version, we'll test out that version as soon as we can and update accordingly. Until then, please enjoy the review! – Brandin

  2. I'm so happy for XboxGamePass with games like this on top of everything else, this is the next step in gaming distribution I was looking for for years before.

  3. As in all of the Ori videos, I implore viewers to look up the channel of Gareth Cocker, the composer of Ori's music.
    He deserves all the recognition that comes his way.

  4. How do you guys rate your games? Like you didn't even say one bad thing or criticism of the game, yet it lost 1/10. You guys should at least include what you didn't like as much about the game so there's some reasoning for the verdict.

  5. What? Dude… after everything you said, you give the game a 9? Not that a 9 is bad. It is amazing, but, why not a 10? You literally didn't say anything bad at all. Like, 0 issues, and still, it is not a 10.

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