The Truth About the Escobar Folding Phone!

The truth behind the $399 folding phone with the Escobar name… save your money. The shirt! The Escobar YouTube channel: …


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About the Author: Marques Brownlee


  1. 1800 for a phone? thats better comp parts and actual needed items. no phone is worth 1800. that thing better charge itself and perform self repairs for $1800

  2. Not what i was expecting to see in my feed but que narcos music ?

    I hope you hired security because im pretty sure they wont be to happy about this video but thank you for being honest and exposing what a piece of shit that family and that company is

  3. thank you for supporting el cartel de medellin, with your purchase we will make sure to increase our quality control on both phone manufacturing and drug production…from now on we will consider you family or accomplice (whatever the law chooses to use).

    joke aside, you just contributed to the brother of pablo escobar, the guy in charge of the logistics of pablo's drug business, i hope you feel happy with your video gag, because tomorrow a kid in medellin might get a gun thanks to your support

  4. The fuckin Escobar clan selling you rebranded Samsung phones they don‘t actually ship. How… is this a thing? Gotta love the Internet man. “Chief of Assassinations“. Im done.

  5. This video is excellent. Few youtubers would have had the guts to do such a professional review. The bit were you revealed Samsung's branding should have been done by every other reviewer… Congratulations.

  6. First, MrWhoseTheBoss reviewed and the same kind of script…now it looks like Marques time to do the same. Definitely something shady!!! These guys are being paid a lot for making this video or threatened to make the video with literally the same script!!! If that later has happened, i wouldn’t be surprised.?

  7. The truth about this phone is that is based on a killer that murdered over 4000 people. People using these phone may have money but they are very stupid and ignorant.

  8. I think that it’s pretty obvious that they just steal the phones from shipments, I fully understand why you can’t say this for legal reasons though.

  9. Unbox therapy got their escobar phone and did the Huawei XS foldable I think it's called. I thought they bought the galaxy fold stock.

  10. I was about to buy one of these phones because I knew it was a redressed Galaxy Fold and I thought it was a REALLY good deal. There wasn't a "billing information" section on their website when I placed my order. After I placed it, I got an email saying that in order for them to ship the phone, I needed to send them a MONEY TRANSFER through a third-party bank, i.e. Western Union, etc. I obviously thought that was sketchy so I didn't give them any of my money. Now I get emails from the company every single day, telling me I need to send them the money in order to get the phone. Of course, they won't be getting that money any time soon.

  11. in all seriousness, i would not plan any trips to Mexico, Colombia or any other south American countries any time soon. Someone out there is probably pissed about this review and would probably want your head over this. Not try to troll or anything just saying.

    The cartels fucking legit scare me

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