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  1. This guy is a noob Now that it is dumping it creates a great buying opportunity…specially if you have funds that you are going to be usin any time soon even through a recession or w/e

  2. Because of this vid I sold all my crypto. Thanks for having the balls and knowledge to post it. Haven't seen any other crypto tubers post anything like this. Keep doing what you do!

  3. With the coronavirus business boarded up homes are in foreclosure forget the mining aspects of this global economies and markets are falling tremendously I can go on and on but I’m going to tell you this bitcoin is going down another 50 to 60% within the next 30 days you will see a bitcoin in the 3,000 area possibly a lot lower. Very soon All crypto will drop 50-60% more within 14-30 days

  4. Why sell all of it? Why not just sell 20% or some other predetermined number. Getting rid of all of it all the time is a losing game in my opinion.

  5. No doubt, the cryptocurrency market started the year very bullish and the leading crypto bitcoin is not excluded from this recent downtrend which is assumed to be a short term correction. Bitcoin price locked under the resistance at $8,000 despite recovery from $7,850, however BTC could easily ride on the inverted H&S pattern for the next bull run to $10,500. As a trader, i see this period as a very good buy zone, as to buy cheap and invest with a very good working strategy/signals so as to build a very strong portfolio ahead of the next bull run. However, i would say these are not very important if you can't make good profits from them, as a trader it is best you take full advantage of every market we find ourselves by trading with a very profitable working strategy/daily signals, this i have been doing with Steven Curtis's daily signals since the last bear market which has been so accurate and profitable despite the unstable movement of bitcoin for some days. Again, i was able to grow my portfolio from 1.2btc to a total of 7btc within 4 weeks with Steven's daily signals which you would agree is a very good profit, i would advice anyone who is willing to make good profits to make use of Steven's daily signals. he can be reach via Whatspp: +13617177129 and Telegram @ steve_signals247 for inquiries into profitable trading systems

  6. Completely agree. I hope I'm wrong but the world is in turmoil right now and there is a potential for a great recession ahead. This is no time to invest heavily in anything.

  7. Luckily I've just jumped into the mix and buying now as the price may not be this low again? That's what i'm guessing at least! Also, I've noticed every week you've got the same hardware crypto wallet stacked in the exact same way (& same products)? Who have been the past winners? Just a curious viewer ^_^.

  8. lmao this guy is crazy how do u guys sell your bitcoins and where i think every one should try Bitroz Exchange for instant cash paypal skrill and local bank transfer

  9. I agree with most everything you say except I don’t think the Coronavirus has very much to do with the crypto market. The wrong place at the wrong time for BTC, if it wasn’t for those dam PLUS TOKEN thieves dumping around 13000 BTC I truly don’t think the crypto market would have taken such a blow but with the stock market crashing and these idiots dumping there stolen BTC, it was just to much for the market to bare. My opinion

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