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  1. Manipulation???? Or maybe bitcoin is just trash and not a safe haven and is CORRELATED. You youtubers are a broken record

  2. Poor guys, their fake money is crashing. I can still buy the same things with my fiat as yesterday. What about you with your shitcoins?

  3. Suuuckers, always the same story, year after year. When down it's manipulated, when up it's such a good coin. Sunnyboy, that is just how all your shitcoins work. Because they're shit.. Loooooll crash crashh 🙂

  4. Wow, i found something interesting, after I updated my android device a few days ago I didn't receive any youtube video alert. Today only I found out the bell button which I already turned on for notification had changed to do not alert. Trying to turn it on by clicking the button again and suddenly a system alert application pop up. Only then I found out is actually my phone who blocked the alert and not because I accidenly turn off youtube alert from your channel.

  5. Let’s be honest, this virus has everyone on worried and scared. For good reason, people would start selling their assets( Btc, gold,
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  6. I signed up on phemex with his link, didn't get $112 bonus, forgot about this account and opened up new one without his affiliation. That way this liar will not get any affiliate bonus, you guys, do the same.
    And how do I have to trust my money to this exchange and this guy if he's lying here.

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  8. about spoofing.. its not about beliveing that we have strong support. its more about buying a spike and sell it higher or on other exhanges (arbs).. so called "spoofers" are 99% driven by bots/programs. i know, im still running my arbs..

  9. Closed minded gold bugs on Bloomberg and CNBC excuse gold's decline in price during stock market sell-off as being due to people selling their winning assets, gold, to pay for margin calls on their stocks until stocks go up and selling stocks again to buy back gold. This is supposed to prove gold's case as a hedge during bad times. Doesn't this equally apply to Bitcoin's weakness during stock market sell off? After all, people only have so much cash they can dip into during sell offs of the market. Yet these gold bugs won't apply the same reasoning to Bitcoin they apply to gold and like to say Bitcoin has no basis. So sad!

    What do you think?

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