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  1. This was an upgrade year for me I was really considering the s20 ultra but $1,400 was just too much other premium compared to a non sale Note 10 plus brand new for 800. Especially since widespread 5G is still probably a couple years away

  2. I have been ready to buy a new S865 phone since the new year. Apart from the s20 you can't actually buy any S865 so is it also a matter of availibility?

    Also, the general cost of a mid or higher tier device has increase this year which may cause people to think twice, causing people to hold out longer for a new device.

    I earn fair money but can't justify above £700 on a phone.

    In addition, I think punch hole especially double punch hole isnt a pleasing design.

  3. I haven't upgraded in a while and I preordered the S20+ since my S8 was acting a bit odd. Definitely love the upgrade but I'm not buying a new phone for at least another 3 – 4 years at least

  4. Was supposed to pick up my ultra Tuesday pre ordered so I could went to pick it up apparently cause of the virus I couldn't 🤔 still haven't heard anything from them probably won't be untill the end of the month I've seen people say it's a joke! Why brother pre ordering something if you don't get it when they say you will….

  5. Here is where it gets crazy, when many activities are cancelled, then be drop of commercials which then affects programs that rely on said commercial funds

  6. I literally just upgraded a few hours ago to the iPhone 11 Max Pro. 🤦🏽‍♂️ my iPhone 7 Plus is still good.

  7. Are there more smart phones out there or grains of sands on all the world's beaches… hard to tell… the market is SUPER saturated, and they seem to continue to support older models increasingly sparsely.

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