The Sims 4 in Virtual Reality – Now with 1st-Person-Mode!!

With a new update, the Sims 4 has received a first-person mode! That’s why I thought, I’m trying this time with the VorpX software in VR with the Pimax 8K.


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  1. I just realised, you should use the "Direct Control" mod, that allows you to use WASD to walk around whilst using VorpX.
    I plan to try this combo out next weekend.

  2. Would it possible to use this with the an omnidirectional treadmill and an htc vive? I was curious about the katwalk mini until I found out it limits what games you can use it with. Guess they won't get my money then.

  3. Hi I just brought Vorpx so I can play the Sims 4 in VR and I'm having no luck. Please could you help me VoodooDE or anyone that has got the game working in VR I would be to grateful. 🙂

  4. The freaking guy's dad's on fire and he's like "Oh what a beautiful park." lol sociopath! I would really love if this came to consoles someday with a patch update. They could easily make this run with psvr on the ps4, even if you had to pay for it I'd gladly do it.
    What would be even better is a patch to let you directly control your sims like you could in the sims 2, I seriously miss that feature. They need to bring it back. That with the first person view and a patch for vr support would make this amazing!

  5. I would love for EA to implement VR mode like how No Man's Sky's VR mode is implemented. Would be a patch or something. But I'll buy the VR Game Pack if they decide to sell it.

  6. hey man, thanks for the video, I really appreciate it! I play The Sims 4 on my xbox one. There is the controls option to go to first-person mode. Is it possible to use vorpx with an xbox one to play in Virtual Reality mode like you showed? Because I would love to feel like im living in The Sims 4.

  7. Hello, congratulations for this video. I would like to know how to run sims 4 with vorpx. me there is nothing that appears in the headset. thank you in advance.

  8. when i load Sims 4 with vorpx no profile is showing up. Any advice? Were can I download a profile? its just showing up in cinema mode

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