5 Things NON VR Gamers Say About Virtual Reality

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  1. Just to clarify, when I say roomscale Im referring to games that required a large space because you had no form of locomotion. People outside of VR think of roomscale as you walking around an empty room. Being able to move around in your playspace is just a standard thing with VR which I dont think needs a label like Roomscale as it confuses people who arent familiar with VR.

  2. Whoever is saying that there isn't a lot of VR games on the market and that VR is just a gimmick is just being ignorant, either they can't afford it and are in some cases feeling left out when titles are VR exclusive, or they've not invested a great deal of time into it. Flight sims are on a whole nother level. Fly a 737 in Xplane 11, an F14 Tomcat in DCS, or a space ship in Elite Dangerous, I promise your opinions will change. Shooters and rpg's are self explanatory. But you can mod fallout 4 VR and Skyrim the same as you would their flat screen versions, and both Onward and Pavlov changes everything. Don't knock it until you try it. It's not fair for those who are on the cuff of buying a VR headset when someone with no experience says it's not worth it.

  3. I feel like most of the people hating on VR are just people who are salty they get to sick, and didn't take the time to get over it. Or people who just let envy and jealousy get the best of them since its to expensive to afford atm. So they belittle and shit on it to make it seem like they don't want it. Then they wont have to feel bad they are missing out.

  4. I am a motion sickness survivor! Ive only been a VR owner for almost a month now I think. I had to ease myself in, and just take breaks when I felt to crappy. Smooth locomotion was mostly a no no for more than 20 minutes at a time. Now I can play for hours using smooth locomotion. I don't really get motion sick any longer. So if you suffer from that, or are concerned about it. Take my testimony as evidence you can easily, patiently, get over it.

  5. "VR is a gimmick"

    Next, you are gonna say: Me, along with most players, dont posses a VR set. :[

    "Me, along with most players, dont posses a VR set. :["

  6. Great video! I will be doing a lot more videos with VR soon! love how these other channels are shallow in concept and scale of VR and what you can do!

  7. I've heard all of the cliche rhetoric from non-VR users/VR haters over the years. "VR is just a TV strapped to your head". What's also shocking is that a significant percentage of these people don't actually know what VR does. They think it's like looking at a virtual image of a desktop sized screen rather than being enveloped in life-size 3d imagery.

  8. I can see why people like vive and all that for it’s cheapness and the fact that it works just fine but when I get to throw or grab things in index it feels so good and flipping people of in Pavlov be never gets old

  9. One thing I found a little odd is when people say it has no big games and then those same people complain that games like the walking dead, bonesworks and half life are in VR.
    I can agree that vr games aren't as expansive as 2d games but while this is changing, I also don't mind too much. One of my fav vr games is best Saber.
    Motion sickness is just something to get used to but I think it is worth it.

  10. I bough samsung o+ for 230$ and my pc spec is not great
    I5 2500
    16gb ram
    Rx 470
    But vr game run no problem at all and this is the best thing i’ve ever spend money on. People said vr is suck has no idea. Maybe because they think vr things is the box you put ur phone in and trap it on your head

  11. I wouldn't trade modded Skyrim VR for all pancake games in the world, i don't think pancakers understand how huge is the difference in immersion between the two.

  12. After losing a bit of interest in gaming, I bought the PSVR on day one and was blown away by it. I was really disappointed however, that it seemed the majority of gamers and particularly the mainstream gaming press, for some reason seemed quite negative and even hostile towards VR. It's good to see therefore that it seems to be gaining in popularity, as I think it is the future of gaming and I'm very excited to see what happens over the next 10 years as they work the technology and development out, like as per your other video, physics for example.

  13. I feel the biggest thing we as VR users can do to new comers to the platform is
    1) DO NOT! demo 1st time users with roller coaster & jump scare experiences, 80% of people will have a bad time or It's a gimmick vibe after.
    2) Refrain from throwing people right in to the smooth locomotion games, I know there the best but let them build up to it.
    3) Just let them play the brick layer VR games at first for 15-20 min, let them get a taste. example: SuperHot/ Beat Sabre / Space Pirate Trainer… then let them know these are 2-4 year old basic games and VR games have come along way.
    4) Tell them how to setup there HMD for the best view, so there not looking through the bottom/ top of the lens so everything looks blurry…some people will just think that's the way it's meant to look and not say anything.
    5) Try to refrain from bragging up your $2000+ rig, instead when they ask "how much do I need to spend for this setup" just be real and let them know about the used GPU market and cheap Ryzen 1600 AF/ 2600 AM4 platform.

  14. Imagining that these people aren't trolls is way too hard for me cause I can't understand how you could see all this amazing stuff and still not like VR, idk, but I love vr, it's too amazing not to love it, can't wait to get a quest

  15. VR WAS a gimmick, back in 2016, and the only reason there aren’t many VR games is because people get this wrong. I’m happy this is changing now, though.

  16. Roomscale may not be needed but it’s definitely not dead. Having a room to move around in is always better. Just look at the backlash the devs that made the walking dead saints and sinners got. That game did not have room scale and people including myself was furious about it.

  17. Your lady is STUNNING, Alex! Great video. I remember when the Wii came to every household in 2006. If it wasn't for Nintendo's name brand, the affordable price, and intrigue, people would have scoffed at motion controlled gaming back then as well – but they bought it up like hotcakes. Maybe VR just needs Nintendo to sport a low cost, portable option for the general public to get on board.

  18. I love VR but the only downside is none of my friends will get it and my friends who have it say it’s boring for some reason and the reason my friends aren’t getting it is because my one friend said it’s boring but it’s still fun playing with random people

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