What Happens to Your Body in Virtual Reality

Are there side effects of virtual reality? What can happen if you spend too much time in VR? Is there any risk in virtual reality? What happens to your body in VR?


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  1. What a way with words this guy has! He did major in English (If I recall).

    I tried VR once with my friend and it was mind boggling. It gave me a feeling of butterflies in my stomach when falling or jumping. It's truly a neat experience and I'm excited to see how it will evolve in a few years to come.

  2. Bright Side:- What happens in your body when you are in virtual reality?

    Me:- Nothing happens in virtual reality to me… And a question for you. Q. What will you do in virtual reality if you can?

    Bright Side:- hmmm? Question passed. Tell the answer…?

    Me:- I will time travel and see the future and open the histories of past and also see if I was reincarnated… And now, you tell me the answer…?

    Bright Side:- Ok? hmmm? I have to go. ??? Ok, bye…??!

  3. Play ping pong vr its in the app store u use ur head to use the ping pong rocket u can play with People or with a robot its quite cool u can play with no remotes

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