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  1. May – 2020 is coming up pretty soon. Tick-Tock. This was just a test kids. Be ready for the real thing in May. -Joakim
    BTW – you are a nice and friendly host.

  2. book of revelation and the Bible warns us that , in this world we will suffer, the world will go bad
    and some one will raise up solving the world's problem, and he will be convincing, but do NOT be deceived he will be the anti-Christ,
    do not accept the mark of the beast, New World Law, one world gov. one world money, one world power is soon to hit us ppl, Christ is our only true salvation, specially for our eternal life, after death,
    Christ died for us in that cross, for you, best believe. God loves you very much, cheers everyone eyes open, your soul is important.

  3. You should see how much fatter my Bitcoin wallets have gotten thanks to that day. I love it.
    Along with my Ledgers now that increased many fold from the weaklings positions that I bought out. haha

  4. like most tards, buy the fake dip e let it rise and then take all your money, over and over again lol. join us and start shorting. you can see the volumes lol

  5. The best thing I think to buy right now is "mortuary" stocks, like Service Corporation International (NYSE: SCI), for example, touted as the largest U.S. provider of funeral goods and related services, such as burial plots & crematoriums.

    As an estimated 150 million U.S. residents were to end up contracting the novel coronavirus, with perhaps upwards of 3% of those likely to die from the disease, then business will absolutely be BOOMING at places like SCI — guaranteed…??⚰

  6. Times are sketchy guys. At least we're all in it together, we have a solid community around our boy Crypt0. Also, I just uploaded my recession portfolio if you wanna check it out. (Crypto obviously tanked today but thank god for equity shorts haha..) ??

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