GoPro VR: Danny MacAskill – Cascadia in Virtual Reality

Danny MacAskill shows you what it’s like along the rooftops of Gran Canaria in full 360 degree views thanks to GoPro Spherical technology. Look around as …


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  1. – Por que muestra una GoPro normal al principio del video ?? esto puede confundir a mucha personas !! /
    – Why does it show a normal GoPro at the beginning of the video? This can confuse many people!

  2. They have not good images, yet. There are a lot of errors between the 6 cameras.. You can see them taking a look around in the video. I'm trying to use it but it's not the ideal way to work. Autopano have to improve a lot to let us realize good quality 360 videos. And it's very hard to edit.. Or GoPro have to create a new 360cam, 1 single cam. with 2 180° lenses.

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