Its Not Looking Good For Bitcoin. – Can The Price Recover? – Bitcoin Price Analysis

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I (Thomas) do weekly BTC price analysis on YouTube. I’ve been full time trading bitcoins for over a year now and I’ve decided to share some of my analysis on YouTube.

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  1. Thomas, thanks for your thoughts. The Chinese miners (80% of the market), who have the cheapest electricity can just about make a profit around 3K so a prolonged bear market below 3K is impossible right now. Miners in the rest of the world need closer to 4-6K to make a profit (US miner need 6K as electricity is much more expensive here). Plus, after having, this is going to be even tougher for them as they'll get fewer coins for mining so the mining floor will have to rise to at least 6K for the Chinese miners to make a profit. The Chinese miners have large stashes of BTC, so they would at least manipulate the price to at least 3K in order to survive. There could be another break down into 3K but I think it would be short-lived as there will surely be some kind of upward price movement for the having. After that we could be back down to 5-6K levels though, but unlikely lower over a sustained period as it is not profitable for the miners. Thoughts? Cheers.

  2. i understand that the video was published before the move completed. COz we did go to 3900ish and then returned to the 5300 levels. Does this negate the importance of this old trendline (7:22) ?

  3. Crypto is all about downside and its more if a trading venture. Goodluck cashing out the peak and then riding thre long bearish..years prices go down.

  4. Dude its only a greed factor. Humanity will eventually die because of greed. Its never enough. Can you imagine that some people own so much they could care about 50%. Ow yes Bill Gates donates an amount why do you think. Best commercial ever. Its all a stupid show ?

  5. this is wrong! I don't agree.. this is a one day candle wick which will correct this evening.. back to 7ks just like 2015

  6. I'm calling $3600-$3500 was the bottom. Price is more than just TA, the Chinese miners who make up 80% of the hashpower won't let the price go lower than that, because that's their breakeven point right now.

  7. That was the only thing I could smile at today, thanks, liquidated @ 1 x p/l minus 0.05btc. What a day, I went out for 4 hrs, who would have thought. Yah, I know. no stop, is ok, I can still play. Besides you always learn from a mistake. I know some have lost more and some gained massive. Welcome to 1929 revised ?♥️?

  8. Fuck your bullshit ramble doodles. Today was actually an awesome day! My Bitcoin wallets just got extremely fatter and looking forward to buy up some more. Its all leveraged when done right, you fuktard. haha

  9. Bitcoin is finished now. The market never recovered from the 2018 dump, the price was over inflated. Bitcoin is not being used as a store of value or a method of exchange. This crisis shows that it is not gold and is not trusted like gold. There's no more money to made in bitcoin except cyclic pumps and dumps.

  10. Bit scared now. Just hope it doesn't go to Zero. Some of my Alts probably will go to zero if BTC falls below 3k! Screwed.

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