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  1. They are cash grabbers no doubt as a year to year player, but not nearly as much as 2K and EA. They are more subtle about it

  2. Love playing sports games at the end of a console cycle. Game engine is being redlined and the gameplay is nearly perfectly refined. You can say more of the same, but really it’s mostly polished.

  3. This game isn't worth $60 if you own any one of the last 2-3 versions. Even when I skip a year the game feels and sounds stale. The Show has been pretty underwhelming this entire generation. The games seem to get old faster and faster every year.

  4. So it's a roster update as usual with the same animations/clipping. They say there is hundreds of new animations yearly yet they are always the same.

  5. I'll wait for the first PS5 version before I buy another game fro m this franchise. I usually just play one full season in franchise and then I'm done. Just about everything in the is game just feels like "been there done that."

  6. MLB the show games are better than 2K & Madden. And I’m not even a baseball fan lol. At least the devs for MLB actually caters to their fans and gives them what they want unlike 2K and Madden.

  7. "Full Minors"? Wrong. They did not include everyone even in the top 100 prospects. Like Gavin Lux and Carter Kieboom. There was 10-13 fake people per team. Guess I'll have to rely on the fans once again. This game gets a 7.5

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