The Rollable Smartphone?

Are rollable displays a good idea? What’s coming with iPhone 12? Are you washing your hands?! 20syl: CDC: …


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  1. TCL does have a working prototype of that scrollable phone and TCL said that you don't pull it to scroll it out but that it has a designated button that allows it to scroll out by its self via a small electronic motor, they just couldn't have the actual working prototype shipped from China to NYC because of COVID-19, so all they could do for the NYC showcase, is that they had to just show a non-working mockup.

  2. 12:10 Cases aren’t a gimmick, people get them because they want to protect their phone because these things are the worlds most fragile things to have ever existed
    I have a transparent one cos I still wanna see the phone, all it ends up doing is trapping dust and yellowing though

  3. I have my volume on because my haptic motor is garbage. And it rattles so much it can slide off the table, even when I adjusted it to the lowest vibration settings.
    Edit: yes rollable definitely looks better

  4. Honestly how many times do you record your videos on your own now? Because this one felt so much warmer. Like back when you used to make your videos out of your bedroom.

  5. I know this is unsafe, but my volume is only on when I’m driving. I do this because whenever I’m out, I always can’t feel my phone vibrating and my parents end up getting frustrated and worried that I don’t pick up.

  6. I keep Volume on while I am free and outside office school. And when I don't want people bothering me I just silent it.
    Vibrational one is irritating for me..?

  7. Rollable.
    That Cannon opinion sounds a lot like Samsung to me; there is 120 hertz display but you can't use it with top resolution and it will consume your battery. Great top resolution but you can't use it because of battery consumption and the phone gets too hot. It has 5G but just enough 5G so we can call it 5G as it doesn't have millimeter-wave support. We have NFC, but it's a cheap one that only supports the formats that we use for Samsung products. We have Bluetooth but we modified the standard to work better with Samsung products and worse with others. There is a beautiful glass back – that you have to cover up at all times because it's too fragile to be out in the open.
    We have AKG headphones worth $150 included, well it's really a $15 standard Samsung headphone that someone at AKG has tuned to be able to put their label on it and give the impression of that it's a quality headphone.

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