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  1. Man, you made the right decision. It’s worse than you describe: it’s not just hurting old people and social distancing is the only way that the healthcare system can hold up. (Long time Viewer from Italy)

  2. Man, i'm from Italy, and yes do everything you can to stay away from other people, this virus sucks but kills people. So good luck and don't worry about videos! Yes camera test's are good!!

  3. Well I live in south Africa and as usual everyone is just freaking out so in other words normal people here freak out about anything they dont understand.

  4. corona virus: the weather is nice today, ima going out for a walk.lalalala
    people: are panic buying toilet papers
    corona virus: wtf guys, why? i damage your lungs not your asshole. come onnnnn.

  5. I'm so glad youtubers are addressing this and as far as I've seen in a super informative and factual way
    Good job Unbox Therapy you guys are awesome!!

  6. government: stay at home

    my parent: we are going to visit your grandmother
    which is possibly infected and we are dragging
    you with us whether you like it or not

  7. Just made the same decision with my office in Northern Thailand. We're gearing up to work from home by the end of the week.
    Well done for doing the right thing!

  8. You know it's not like TOILET PAPER would stop being manufactured because there's a virus outbreak but so many fucking idiots are just hoarding it and made it impossible for others to get. Sorry…. I'm just mad I possibly cant wipe my ass next week?

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