5 New NIO Cars Combining All-Electric Power with Premium Features

The Shanghai-based startup, Nio, emerged on the automotive arena in 2014 and ever since has been gradually solidifying its position by producing compelling high performance EVs. The company even went public in 2018 and started deliveries the following year. Today Nio’s lineup is steadily taking shape, plus the brand is ready to expand from the China onto the international markets. In this episode of #AutomotiveTerritoryDailyNews we will be covering the entire 2020 roster from the company, and evaluating their future potential!
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#1 2021 NIO EC6

The popularity of the coupe-SUV trend is rising on the Chinese market, so the most recent model from Nio, named 2021 NIO EC6, flaunts a sloping roofline, that looks even more stunning since its large portion is occupied by the huge glass roof.

#2 2020 NIO ES8

The Nio ES8 his is the first mass production model from Nio, which is aiming for three-row SUV spaciousness, performance and smart features.

#3 2020 Nio ES6 & ES6 Night Explorer Limited Edition

In production since late 2019, 2020 Nio ES6 mid-size electric SUV is offered in three trim levels and available for purchase exclusively on the Chinese market. The ES6 is also available in an 88-unit special edition version called the Night Explorer. Based on the Premier trim, it gets unique exterior treatment with carbon fiber components, custom emblems and graphics developed with a global gaming brand Razor.

#4 NIO EP9

The success story of Nio began in 2017 when the then young startup developed one of the world’s most powerful electric hypercars which put the company on the map of potential investors and buyers.

#5 Nio EVE concept

Though the Nio EVE concept vehicle was one of the company’s first attempts at car design and was released back 2017, we decided to return to it once again since the model is rumored to get a production spinoff sometimes later in 2020.


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