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  1. Wow. That one of the worst reveals ever. The speaker is awful to listen to and watch and it was boring as hell. HDR is far more important to me than ray tracing…on pc l never put ray tracing on my 2080 super as hardly notice it…ps5 very disappointing …and the SSD is way to small. Makes me appreciate my pc better….also new consoles still don't provide decent mouse and keyboard controls so FPS still better on pc. Just a lack of gam s coming out and a console that feels way behind year old pcs already. If it comes out next year l fear it will be old tech and underpowered. I have a PS4 pro which compared to pc is hard to play on ..the price of a pc with say a Ryzen 2700x in with a decent GPU can be put together now for nearly price of these consoles.

  2. Microsoft has me way more excited right now. Not gonna lie. Not only for the power but the automatically upgrade of old games, the refined controller which looks awesome, and the newly bought studios. That's just me. Go for what you like. ☺️

  3. Im sorry but im glad you cant play ps1 2 3 or 4 games on the new 5. I have no interest in playing old games on a brand new next gen console. Sony will always have an advantage over xbox cuz there official titles

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