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  1. Bandai needs to step their game up and put more depth into the arena style combat games . It’s sad that ps2 dbz games are still better than anything they put out these days

  2. Yeah no you’re delusional if you think this game is worse than the first. This game is infinitely fun and compelling for hours on end. Quit hating on something based off of nothing. It’s a great game and I highly recommend it. 9/10

  3. We need a MHA fighting game made by arc systems. Something like FighterZ with MHA characters would be amazing

  4. This is what i don't get: if the game does so many things to improve itself from the original title then how does it score lower than it? This is exactly what people mean by the score at the end of these reviews being meaningless. It's just a number slapped on at the end when it doesn't even seem consistent with the actual review. Feels like this game is a 7-8/10 at best.

  5. Played this at a friend's house and it felt extremely clunky to play. Its a mostly play for fun but not competitively and it was kinda of a bore.

    I'm just gonna stick to Dragonball fighterz and street fighter.

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