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  1. Way to be a fraud lady. Harper on the faster ssd's, the only thing the ps5 has going for it. More powerful GPU-belongs to Xbox. More powerful CPU belongs to Xbox. Better console Xbox. Games? Who knows yet. Xbox has shown Halo infinite, and an in engine look at Hellblade 2. Sony has shown a third party game in Godfall. Nothing else because gen has been shown.

  2. Sony talked about giving the players the ultimate experience with faster tech and 3D audio and the new controller with new features
    Microsoft on the other hand has started a numbers/digits war…

  3. Woooooooo XD. So PS5 is clearly weaker, but they have the guts to blatantly lie and say that the IO throughput could mean PS5 performs better than Series X? Favouritism is one thing, but lying is quite lowly. 10.2 TF is max performance, but more realistically PS5 is gonna sit at 9TF most of the time, same with the CPU, plus a lot less CU means a lot less RayTracing in PS5. No mention of the smaller SSD in PS5? What about the ease of use of memory cards? How do you already know 4th gen PCIe SSD Nvme memories supported by PS5 are gonna be cheaper than the Series X memory cards? Stop with the fanboism, say the facts straight , liers.

  4. To cut through the jargon crap, Xbox is packing more juice, but the PS5 will circulate it’s juice a bit quicker. Faster load times, etc. The likelihood is that PS5 will edge the stable frame rates, while Xbox will have a significant advantage in graphical fidelity and draw distance. PS5 will likely have faster load times by a fair few seconds, while Xbox will have a fair bit more room in the SSD for installation. PS5 will spin the most solid overall graphical stability at mid to high resolutions, while Xbox will push for higher frame rates at higher resolutions.

  5. I just hope next gen games concentrate on having higher stable fps (at least 60) on their games instead of supporting 4k and higher resolutions that honestly few people even use.

  6. All these power but I think ps5 will continue to have the better games and Im a pc guy and play Microsoft games on pc. Microsofts been dry this gen. Just because they bought 15+ studios dont mean theyll have great games. Dont put your hopes up so high.

  7. Ps5
    1) Revolutionary proprietary ssd where not even the most expensive ones are near it and pc will never get proprietary speeds in the near future (no load times, developers are no longer bound by I/O aka unlimited creative freedom)
    2) 3D audio raytracing (Game sounds feel like real life sounds)
    3) a revolution in video games
    4) the best exclusives which btw will fully utilize these features
    5) SSD is also expendable by 3rd market

    Xbox series x
    1) A slightly better gpu and cpu (which we actually won't know till we see benchmarks)
    2) 175 more gb on a highly inferior ssd

  8. Series x is 12.155 teraflops locked. PS5 is only 10.23 teraflops if the cpu and other components of the PS5 aren’t drawing more than a set allowance of wattage from the power supply. Somtimes it’ll be as low as 9 teraflops.

  9. Pretty biased review lol. She completely left out the fact that the Xbox is more powerful (due to having 12 teraflops vs the PS4's 10 teraflops). Plus the Xbox is fully backwards compatible while the PS5 is only backwards compatible on certain games

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