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  1. Props to the devs for not doing progression to milk money from players. Surprised they didn't use this game to do that. Haven't played the game but that alone deserves praise.

  2. It's crazy to me that they hyped this game up for 3 e3s and it wasn't even a full game when it launched. And even after a year is still not even a full game.

  3. I found it a relief to have everything useful unlocked at the very start. There was no underlying feeling that I should grind this and that before I could start enjoying the game. I'm playing for three months, and I still feel progression by learning new tricks, mastering old ones and combining the learned strengths of my crew(s). It was pure, undisturbed joy all along. I don't miss a ticking xp bar.

  4. Microsoft and Rare keep hyping this game up. Sorry but this ain't moving console sales. Get Rare to reboot Conkers, Perfect Dark, and Banjo, stop wasting time on this mediocre game.

  5. My review as someone who Has played it since the beginning and someone who works a lot it’s incredible if you own Games pass & love catching up with friends while playing it but as someone who works a lot it’s best kept for nights you know your not working the next day because you can’t play it for a couple of minutes you’ll need to Dedicate a lot of time to it. Bottom line is it’s a great game but demands tons of time take that as you will

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