Samsung Galaxy S20 Series Smartphones Unboxing + Gameplay

Unboxing Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G flagship, S20 4G and S20+ 5G phones. Exynos 990 chip European versions instead of Snapdragon 865. Quad back …


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  1. S20 ultra runs fortnite at high with 30 fps but i have huawei p30 pro vog-l29 and i can fortnite at high with 60fps or at epic with 30fps even if s20 ultra is more powerful than huawei p30 pro beucase huawei has just 390100 points in antutu benchmark with just 6 GB of ram and s20 has more points and as you can see is lagging at high settings. And if you have the same Phone (huawei p30 pro) and you can't reach 60 fps just turn on performance mode. Sorry for bad english

  2. My parents are the worst 😭 they said to me that they will buy me a Nintendo switch lite but Today they said no. I asked them bcs I have gotten good marks in my tests and final exams may god do something and get me a Nintendo switch lite

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