12 New Supercars with Exotic Looks and Limited Production Numbers (Exterior/Interior Review)

I can’t say that a single supercar could be called non-exotic, since their numbers are miniscule compared to the mass-produced models. In this video, however, I will attempt to show the newest and at the same time the rarest performance autos with limited production numbers, outwardly speed parameters and astronomical prices. Our research was through so hopefully you will be impressed!

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Detailed list of all supercars that were shown in this #AT_New_Cars episode:

Koenigsegg Gemera: koenigsegg.com/gemera

The release of Gemera gets a lot of firsts on Koenigsegg’s resume: it is the world’s first ever grand touring hypercar, the first plugin hybrid for the company and the fastest 4-seater.

Czinger 21c: czinger.com/about-21-c

Do you remember the world’s first 3D printed supercar concept named Divergent 3D Blade? It appears that it did not fade into oblivion, but rather evolved into the Czinger 21C.

Piëch Automotive Mark Zero: piech.com

The grandson of Ferdinand Porsche, Anton Piech, is heading the rising startup which is building one of the world’s fastest recharging supercars named MARK ZERO.

De Tomaso P72 GT: detomaso-automobili.com/p72/

Inspired by the styling of the 1960s P70, that had a Ford engine tweaked by Carroll Shelby, the limited edition De Tomaso P72 GT gets a modern 5.0L Ford Coyote V8, supercharged by Roush.

Austro Daimler Bergmeister ADR 630: austrodaimler.com/en/adr-630

The Austrian subsidiary of the Daimler brand existed between 1899 and 1934, and now the group of enthusiasts led by Roland Stagl launched a new project to reinstate the brand. Inspired by 1930s ADR aka Bergmeister, the car received the name Austro Daimler Bergmeister ADR 630 Shooting Grand.

Felino cB7ᴿ: felinocars.com/models/cb7r/

2021 Felino cB7ᴿ is the brand’s road-legal version of the successful CB7 sportscar, that keeps the front mid mounted engine layout and boasts perfect 50:50 weight distribution.

Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport: bugatti.com/media/news/2020/bugatti-chiron-pur-sport

There is no limit to perfection – probably thought Bugatti and started developing yet another enhanced modification of its Chiron supercar. The company’s efforts resulted in the creation of the lightest-ever Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport.

2020 Drako GTE: drakomotors.com

2020 Drako GTE is the first model by the Silicon Valley startup Drako, that will be released in two modifications, the road going and the GTE Track edition, that adds a track-tuned suspension and two sets of wheels and Michelin tires.

Apex AP-0: apex-motor.com/car-ap0

The British-Hong Kong startup Apex Motors already has one sports car in its stables, the open-top track-oriented AP-1, but with the new AP-0 concept, the company is entering the world of electric supercars.

Aspark Owl: asparkcompany.com/aspark-owl-the-fastest-full-electric-hypercar

Two years after the concept’s release, Aspark emerges once again its performance specifications and improving on the already insane speed parameters.

Ares Design Progetto Uno: aresdesign.com/en-us/cars/panther-progettouno

Ares Design is mostly known for the exclusive restoration and modification of classic and modern automobiles. Their latest project is the ProgettoUno Panther – a tribute to the 1970s De Tomaso Pantera.


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  1. I have watched the Felino CB7R closely as I live in Ontario, Canada and these are built in Montreal, Canada. And I legitimately NEED to win the lottery asap so I can have one!!! Love to see it in your video ???

  2. ?I still find it to make nu sense that we have vehicles pushing 200-300 mph, yet there are next to nu locations where it's legally allower?

  3. Gemera absolutely. The TFG is just a mindblowing leap in ICE tech that it will keep it relevant. A perfect hybrid will be a beast but I'd love a solid EV.

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