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  1. The game story was fine until I reached the last sequence, the ending felt rushed and it felt pointless all the trouble having Desmond escaping Abstergo to just being snapped from the franchise, just like that. Ezio's trilogy was the peak of the franchise.

  2. I enjoyed ac3 but i don't understand why everybody hates it lol it plays much better than the 1st and 2nd game and the combat was overall better

  3. An extra year of development, would've made this game a classic. Ubisoft failed and became money hungry. This to me is when the series started it's fall from grace.

  4. What I really hated about AC3 was Colonial American had a rich history of merchant and craftsmen shops that the game could have added for Connor to shop at rather than one general store, like in the Ezio trilogy

  5. At the time it was released I was 12 and I couldn’t fully understand how great of a game it truly was. It took me nearly 6 years to truly appreciate that game. And it’s the best AC game and Connor is the greatest most unique AC hero by far

  6. This is the first and only AC game I've played. I'm two hours into it and I've had no fun at all. It has gruesome mechanics and the interactions seem very situational and forced.

  7. Am i the only one who thinks that the narrator kinda sounds like mary read/james kidd from ac4 sometimes? kdjkdjd it's probably just me but still

  8. I LOVE IT ! Bought it o a whim and what a surprise it was. I played AC 2 and loved it, brotherhood was booring. This one is GREAT

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