I Got Out of Bitcoin… but Here's When I'll Get Back in

I got out of bitcoin, but here’s when I’ll get back in – as bitcoin dropped recently it hit the stoploss that I mentioned previously. But here is a potential key level I am now watching. We look at the charts. #Bitcoin #BTC #AlessioRastani

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  1. Investing and being into Bitcoin is the best decision I've made,there is nothing more beneficial for me than investing in bitcoins?? but my most valuable insight was getting an expert handle my investment

  2. Nice one, down 26% in one day, just picked up some with this coronoa discount or probably plustoken discount, looking on chain that they are dumping right now. Lucky the price is still intact and we still have a chance to free the people. But it's getting very close to making the banks win and humanity has stay slaves forever. I am betting against that because that is not the world I would like to build. We have once chance. Will be interesting to see if your bet was that bitcoin would die or that we would just drop 25%.

  3. I am not aware of Warren Buffet having a stop loss on his investments. Wouldnt call him a gambler. I am a long term investor and dont care much about the intermediate ups and downs

  4. If you look at the charts, BITCOIN has always followed the market. If and when the market collapses, Bitcoin will most likely hold that trend but once people realize FIAT holds no value, they will flood to GOLD and CRYPTO.

  5. Oke got it, only buy when we are above the average price of last 21weeks, thats the best advice to get rekt tbh,.. moving
    Averageges are the worst, they delay the price movement and are always late to the party, if you ask me this is a verry good level to buy, and ive been expecting 7700 as bottom since we hit 10k, so it goes ad i planned, i think we are in the best spot to buy right now, this area is also the golden pocket of the first wave on the daily timeframe, and we are above the H&S that shit us up,.. your just spreading fear imho….

  6. I still don't believe bitcoin would be bad in a recession. At the moment bitcoin dropped no where as bad as the stocks and if anything, bitcoin remained steady Mon when stocks dumped hard.

  7. Hahaha big mistake son . The corona cause everyone to panic and hey sold their stocks and assets and bitcoin to get cash to buy goods and wait out the virus . Now banks arnt letting u take out ur cash out the bank because they don’t have it during this crisis . People will relive soon bitcoin is a safe heaven and selling it now is very foolish and will buy bak in at a much higher price .

  8. Let me break some news for you guys out there waiting for a reversal to the upside. The bubble has officially popped. We are back after a pump and dump. And from my analysis the pump started January 7 when Chinese officials confirmed the virus. We are now back on the historical trendline. The dump is complete and we are up a wopping $380 since January 7, 2020.

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