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  1. Fortnite will not die but it could take a hit because people are switching over to valoriant but it will not die. The people that played fortnite and switched to valoriant realize that they suck at the game and they are being destroyed, they will eventually have to switch over because they are not making enough money and they were talented at fortnite before they make the switch. Also, people that quit fortnite for valoriant will leave because valoriant has tons of bugs, there is no updates, and the players are getting really bored of the game.

  2. Epic doesn’t need but could benefit from an official stream for the FNCS like what balla is doing. Hopping between multiple streams giving commentary. Don’t enjoy playing fortnite but watching a stream with multiple views rather than staying on one or two players’ streams made it more enjoyable as a viewer

  3. Besides LOL esports scene with multiple leagues for every region and major world championship i dont think that there is any game that can reach the level of competition that league have .
    And i am not talking here about money or cash prizes …

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