13 COOLEST Car Gadgets That Are Worth Buying

13 COOLEST Car Gadgets That Are Worth Buying

Here’s the latest set of gadgets for your car! Today you gonna see a lot of cool stuff, that’ll improve your safety, cleaning skills and take care of your health.


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  1. 7:42… what's even better than this is a can of de-icer spray. Just keep it in your trunk and, when you need it, spray it on your windshield to de-ice it in seconds. Super fast, easy, and cheap.

  2. I like the side mirror lights. As for the LED steering wheel, bright lights shining in your face… What could possibly go wrong ? As for the final product an electric ice scraper, I find that inside my carriage there are 2 magic buttons. One of them reads Defrost, the other reads R defrost. I find that when activated, they clear my windows in 3 to 5 minutes for thin ice, or 10 minutes for heavier ice. And if ice is so heavy that it takes 10 minutes, I am likely not going anywhere, because travel is impossible or too treacherous. The gimmicks people come up with to part fools from their money is just astonishing.

  3. 0:18 yeah and will be a most easy way to have accident on the road
    0:53 and fall out after 2 day hell naw man
    1:28 fresh air ? No thanks the easiest way to runout power of the battery
    2:10 why the hell do you try to get money out of your bag when you're driving no one doing that cause if they do it they should burn they driving license
    2:49 you know your car handle made out of plastic right ? So yup this thing is useless as hell waste money
    3:17 or getting a awd car stop wasting money on these thing it useless as hell
    3:47 just buy a f*cking phone click
    4:25 thanks my supra don't need this thing
    5:10 just take a sit in your garage spending time with your car take care of your car anytime you can, you cannot just like oh i can cleaning the car fast with this fancy thing that boring no one cares of it
    5:51 just buying a f*cking tool
    6:33 this is cars not motorcycles we don't need ANY turning signal anymore we have enough
    7:06 nice for ricer
    7:42 you're saying a tesla need this thing ? Stop man I'm done i'm so f*cking done with your channels you're rice, you're introduce non sense thing that only ricer and wasting money to spending on

  4. I'd say these are useles. Since you can use probably anything that you have around your house. And i would recommend the things that he said.

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