Testing Four "Rapid" Microwave Gadgets!

Testing Four "Rapid" Microwave Gadgets!

Today I’m testing out four “Rapid Brands” microwave cookers that have been requested over the past year. Get ’em: • Hot Dog Cooker: …


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  1. Anything that improves water coverage or creates steam pressure helps even out microwave cooking. I mostly buy special cookers if I need something that doesn’t burn me when handling it afterward, and is easy to clean.

    So for hotdogs, they get wrapped in wet paper towel. For steamed veg, ziplock steamer bags (one use) or Lékué steamer baskets (reusable) work fine with no water. I shake my spice bend in, start with 90sec & that does most small veg. (If I can shuck my corn at the store, I just steam it in the bag I bought it in, for 6 min.)

    I have the square ramen cooker (but a deeper one) and use it but tend to boil water in a kettle first. I use take out lids for its splatter guards.

  2. I put a whole ear of corn, with husk and silk, in the microwave. Set for 4 minutes, cook. Using hot pad, bring to cutting board and cut about one inch off stem end. Using hot pad, grab silk end and squeeze. The corn slides out the bottom, cut end. The silk does not stay on the cob. It comes away with the husk.
    No water to dilute corn flavor.
    Two ears, 8 minutes.
    Try it. Even my Norwegian brother-in-law converted to this method.
    No cost but the corn.

  3. Soup mug has been around for a long time.
    The lid keeps things from splattering in the microwave. It works great.
    I don't know why you are surprised by its functionalities.
    I have also seen a smaller version.
    Ramen cooker? Korean Ramen noodles are in a round block!

  4. you don't even need the plate to cook hotdog in a microwave. Just make small cuts in a hotdog and put it into the microwave for about 40-45 secs and it will be cooked well. By the way, the box of the plate says "No more pots or boiling water"…but they are boiled into water with that gadget!!!

  5. They sell a version of that soup bowl at walmart for under 5 bucks and it's literally the greatest thing for doing everything since it has an additional insert which makes it perfect for quickly steaming veggies. It's deeper and better quality but looks the same. I bought it as an impulse purchase but it was so good that I went and bought a few more. I can't tell you how many times I've thrown it in my purse for a quick lunch and it's never leaked through all the jostling it gets in there.

  6. I microwave frozen vegetables, on my old 850 watt microwave for 6 minutes. I do not add any water and they always come out nice and not water logged. The frozen vegetables to me already contain enough water on their own. You can wrap a ear of corn, with the husks on, in a piece of paper towel for a few minutes, comes out perfect. When you husk the cork the silks come off with the husk.

  7. The rapid soup mug and rice cooker are actually pretty decent. I used the soup one in my lunch bag for work. if the soup can's small enough you can put it inside and close to lid so it saves space. I doubt it's any better than just using a microwave safe tupperware bowl but I like it better.

  8. I’ve been using the Sistema microwaveable containers, including something similar to the soup mug, for about 10 years now. They’re absolutely brilliant! I’ve been so impressed with the brand that I also stocked up on their ‘to-go’ containers for salads, cereal, snacks, etc. The only fail has been the rice cooker, which I wouldn’t recommend at all. Didn’t cook the rice sufficiently so you end up overcooking it, and the process eventually takes longer than just cooking rice on a stovetop or heating a packet of microwaveable rice.

  9. I don't cook in a microwave except for popcorn and melting butter so I would not buy this J U N K and with all the millions of tons of plastic trash floating in the oceans this shit is just going to add to it so NO THANKS

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