5 Vegetable Kitchen Gadgets Tested By Design Expert | Well Equipped | Epicurious

5 Vegetable Kitchen Gadgets Tested By Design Expert | Well Equipped | Epicurious

Design and usability guru Dan Formosa returns to test and improve upon 5 gadgets designed to help you easily get your daily dose of veggies. Watch as he …


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  1. It does surprise me the lack of consideration regards usability and effectiveness with some of these products. I don’t know if it is to keep up profit margins by avoiding any excessive costs in the manufacturing process or simply poor design.

  2. we actually have the garlic rolling cutter thingy, bought it as a gift for my mom and worked kinda well for some bits and pieces of garlic that were prechopped to be smaller, maybe why my mother preferred cutting garlics normally
    we used it a few times but eventually thought using a knife was better and got lazy trying to clean the crevices of the thing ?

  3. The carrot peeler… i cant believe he didn’t find it an issue tha it is used fixed on the table with the carrot going to the floor ?

  4. This show is great except it needs at least two more categories to judge the gadgets, 1: How easy is it to clean the product? and 2: how practical is the product. I often find this guy judging a products practicality when he is supposed to be judging usability. For example the carrot peeler seemed extremely easy to use yet he gave it a 2 out of 5 because the product didn’t seem practical. This is why I think practicality warrants its own category so it doesn’t interfere with his ability to judge other categories. Also the product usually isn’t worth buying if it is hard to clean, thus justifying the need for another category covering this practice. I usually don’t write long comments but I genuinely like this show and hope that it can make its ratings more accurate. 🙂

  5. I have had a different brand of vegetable chopper for years and I absolutely love it! It really does help if you cut the onion (or whatever veggie) into smaller pieces, and it still makes veggie chopping WAY faster!

    For onions, I cut halves into 3rds or quarters. Potatoes get sliced, so they end up roughly cube shaped. And bell peppers get sliced as well because I don't like huge pieces of pepper in my food.

    Absolutely recommend this device, despite Dan's dislike. 😛 (particularly if you don't have quick knife skills, like me ? )

  6. I remember we had a full vegetable chopper growing up. It was a fun challenge for all the kids to try to chop it because the chopper was so hard to use.

  7. how he fuck*d up the dicer tool with not speedforceing it only with weight aplying and thats after 40 years or so of designing gadgets

  8. i have that vegetable chopper! it does take a bit of effort but it's great for tomatoes if we need to dice a lot. it's also very easily washable, and surprisingly its never broken.

    yeah it's not the best but if you're terrible at dicing like i am, or if you need to dice a lot of tomatoes, it's pretty alright.

  9. in the Netherlands (and prob Belgium and other fries countries) we have something called Frietensnijder, copy and paste that into google. it's like the dicer thing, same blades but longer handle for the pressure, usually made of steel or aluminium a metal of sorts, not sure , but some are also plastic. even with the longer handle you need a lot of strength and people with reuma or arthritis don't have that. the carrot peeler might work better on the bigger (winter) carrots but most of these gadgets are just superflous, more washing up. I think for a realistic comparison, the attaching to the countertop needs to be included in the time , cos then it wouldn't win 😉 I watched a few and won't be buying anything except the moving mandolin, but I saw many brands and I'm guessing the price varies because of the quality and sharpness of the knives. might be cool to see a few of them in one video: same thing different brand and price, different outcome?

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