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  1. If you have driven a mirrorless vehicle (using cameras instead) you will soon realise what a pain in the arse these things are. Break a camera stalk off and you are looking at over a £1000 ($1500) to replace.

  2. Why didn't they name the AutoXcape the AutoScape since that's the real pronunciation of the word ESCAPE?
    How stupid. I remember seeing an ad inside a bus that did the same thing with espresso. The sign said EXPRESSO. The misspelling made it all the way to the ad. Are you kidding?

  3. These new jump starters are great! I was considering a bigger, bulky, box type since i owned a full size truck. But with all of my work tools and other things a big box isn't what I needed! So I opted for one similar to the one here, and let me tell you it's a life saver and is super compact! Spend the extra money and get the best one you can afford, it is so worth it! I've only had to use once for myself, but it was a crappy , rainy day, I stayed late at work and non one was around when I found my truck dead! Worked awesome, plus I've used it to help others jump start their car!
    And the price was worth it…I spent 90$ on mine. Worth the money. Holds a charge for a very long time, has a digital display that tells you how much charge is contained. Mine also has an emergency blinking light that I have used once to help someone change a tire in the dark. I was worried about being hit so I set this up on the side of the road and the blinking light let people know I was ahead and slowed down,so that alone was worth the money!! I'm not sponsored at all… but get these for anyone in your family! A kid that's just moving out or going to school, your wife, girlfriend so they don't have to talk to strangers and ask for a jump !! They're a little pricey, but worth every penny!! They can get up to $150 or more but $100 is worth your safety and your families

  4. I don’t know how you tested the dash cams. The reviews say they are all crap. Do your own research and testing. All misleading information.

  5. Some of these items that are listed are out of stock. I recommend going directly to the website of the product and buying it from there, if that's the case. Just got my Magic Mount!

  6. Sorry man you know people want to save the world and buying products that wind up in our landfills in six months to a year is not the way to do it if you're going to buy this kind of stuff by high quality stuff pay attention

  7. I can see ALL truckers adding the cameras and the screens…yea right. One problem is a trucker, whether they own the tractor or work for a firm, change out trailer many times with different loads so will all have the screen on the back? Great idea that will never come to happen.

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