Bitcoin Dump To $25,000 On July 13th [Grayscale Drama Explained]

Bitcoin Dump To $25,000 On July 13th [Grayscale Drama Explained]

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About the Author: Lark Davis


  1. This is 100%
    The elite thought crypto was a tulip fad and now it scares them
    They want in and control
    Fiat is worthless now
    Big money will drop the market with FUD and tactical dumps
    Drop BTC price
    Then every other crypto will follow
    The elites buy in very low with their worthless fiat and hold
    Holding will raise prices high to the moon
    So ppl hold
    If BTC hits bellow £10000 buy in and go big
    I’m going in 90% of my fiat at that point
    Then I’ll sit back and watch it grow
    But remember big money will have a controlling aspect of the market

  2. You are a big part of the problem Lark. Always feeding the mindless bulls with bull videos making everyone think we are going to the moon with your shit click bait titles. All you want is views, it's what the stupid bulls want to hear

  3. GBTC unlock won't drop price because all their cost premiums are at a loss.
    Highly doubt BTC will hit 25k. 50MA touched..we wont hit 200MA

  4. damn lark where the fuck are you that you are wearing a sweater in july? its hot AF here and im in shorts and no shirt cause my ac cant keep up

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