Mercedes EQS is the Most Luxurious Electric Car and it's Not Even Close…

The Mercedes EQS takes the electric car to another level. Go to or use code unboxtherapy to get a discounted 2-year plan …


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  1. im not going to lie this vehicle is very attractive with all its features. the dash screen actually looks comfortable and pleasant to use.

  2. I love where we are going with cars with technology and electric its awesome I hope to own something like this one day

  3. I swear this is basically an S class with batteries… They threw that huge screen to lure people away from the fact that they are so behind in technology… Also, what is this UI on that infotainment? 6 years ago when I first started working on UI, I was making better interfaces than this… I can't understand why MULTIBILLION companies can't get this simple thing right? There's kickstarter projects with 10 bucks that have better UI. There rest is just the same as an S class. Pretty boring and crumbled with buttons. Hopefully all this is because they panicked after seeing Tesla moving ahead so fast so they just built whatever they could ASAP, and will be better in some years

  4. This is MERCEDES The Most Respected Car Brand In the World… go everywhere in the world even 3 world country ,Everyone know mercedes is something special, they making car more than 100 years….

  5. EQS is off the charts awesome!!. Thank you Elon for lighting the fire. Btw i don't think that 22-inch wheel improves drag coefficient.

  6. People that think the giant/traditional car makers just woke up thanks to Tesla…if anything the giants have been hard at work trying to find that balance in their company’s history to introduce the new and inevitable EV era, with the least amount of product cannibalism as possible. Tesla can go full throttle from the get go, because there are no other products to offer but electric.

  7. The place where the Slide Out Tray witb a cup holders at the back – should of be the place for the wireless charging in my opinion.I Have seen it in a 2021 vehicle and I think it's Literally the Perfect spot to charge your phone wirelessly

  8. What will be the PRICE of this Beautiful Lady… (in case someone doesn't know but "Mercedes" is a woman's name. Just in case?)

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