Is Arslan Ash Already the Esports Player of the Year? | ESPN Esports

Is Arslan Ash Already the Esports Player of the Year? | ESPN Esports

On the eve of the Tekken World Tour Final, Arda Ocal makes his case for Arslan Ash as the Esports Player of the Year. As a global super-star Arslan Ash has put …


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  1. That completely shows if world opens their heart and accept eastern country like Pakistan, they will realize what kind of gem and talenet is hidden out there. Pakistan Zindabad!!!

  2. MKleo has more mayor tournaments also won both evos and smash con
    Arsan has the cooler history but this isnt about that this is about who performs better during the whole year
    And thats MKleo by far

  3. Yes he is, no doubt. The closet to the tekken triple crown. He was dominant like no other, how could you not give it to him.. IT IS NOT easy, to win Evo Japan, and Evo (which was too convincing) even one of the greats in Knee, was so happy just to beat him. He never shows emotion like that, so it says a lot.

  4. come on man he deserve this i seen many ppls start watching tekken just becoz of him i mean he did so much this yeah ppl who dont watch esports know him

  5. Sad end to Arslan's TWT but hopefully he will bounce back stronger next year, Arslan will always be Pakistan's hero.

  6. I've been watching the tekken scene since tekken5 and as a hardcore tekken fan this man inspired me to start saving up to travel to tournament even though I live all the way in algeria.

  7. I just want to say thank you to ESPN for highlighting Tekken. I can tell Arda is very passionate and you guys couldn’t have chosen a better man for this job. Keep it up!!!

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