Augmented reality vs. virtual reality: AR and VR made clear

Augmented reality vs. virtual reality: AR and VR made clear

Two technologies that are confusingly similar, but utterly different. Augmented reality playlist …


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  1. I see them in terms of utility, humanity doesn't need VR while in the other hand AR can become very handy in many fields, I believe AR is the path we must follow because VR is just a waste of resources for entertainment, AR can be a real tool in our close future

  2. you have more use of ar bc in the future when you have problem with coocking and stuff it will show you how to in a way but vr is more for other stuff

  3. So basically it's all about which world you want to visualize. Ar for our world and vr for another world

  4. It's so annoying. MR was just a marketing term. It was used to refer to games like Pokemon Go.

    VR and AR were born at the same time since the first device used a transparent screen to display basic wired 3d objects when some engineers were developing it.

  5. Why not just combine the best of AR and VR into one device? I love the idea of AR but it just feels clunky and awkward having to hold a smartphone or tablet everywhere for interaction, plus with VR integration AR would be 100% more realistic and immersive.

  6. Hopefully, next gen VR headsets will have cameras that allow them to work as both an AR and VR device. As a daily user of PSVR, I am looking forward to PSVR 2 and PlayStation 5. If Sony adds a PlayStation Phone to the mix, which can connect to PSVR2, allowing you to take AR/VR anywhere, I think things will really start taking off.
    I am currenty playing Gran Turismo Sport VR. Combine with my Logitech G29 Wheel and Pedals, it is a full on driving simulator. For all you Battle Royal fans, Rec Royal is a Free 2 Play, and you will never go back 2 PUBG or Fortnite once you have expereinced the playing with others in VR.

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