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  4. Whats up with Alonzo White?
    Charles said Friday or Monday…
    I guess he's too busy with ethereum classic to give a fuck about his stake holders

  5. Bull…Bear?!????!!!! If you have nerves of steel, know the risk, and can afford it, buy what you can. And if it dips, buy some more. That’s what matters.

  6. man…. I enjoy your perspective. I'm a Cardano maxi I suppose. I see the potential for other projects but when I see Cardano and the real world application for it I press forward and invest. I don't think the space will be exclusive towards one project or another but I see the possibility of many projects overall in the broad spectrum of things that will enable ALL OF US to do something different than what is traditionally accepted. You bring a vast amount of perspective while also evaluating what is going on. That is valuable to the space. You don't mill around shilling… always good to see you bubba

  7. Dude it’s been over for like four months every single person who works for hedge funds or in finance has dumped their coins months ago. Not rocket science here

  8. Cardano OG here when everyone doubt the project I was buying heavily at 0.03 cents…..can't complain still up lol ( btw paid off my house too ) :p thx Cardano – Back then Daedulus wallet barely worked it was a nightmare but I believe in Charles and his team…it paid off big time.

  9. In the end it’s only money! It don’t matter at all it’s all made up even fiat. Its how we need to treat each other with love and respect

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