BITCOIN JUST FIRED A *BIG* SIGNAL!!!! – Inevitable Swing Approaches [CRUNCH ALERT]

BITCOIN JUST FIRED A *BIG* SIGNAL!!!! - Inevitable Swing Approaches [CRUNCH ALERT]



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  1. Love your show Ty. I know we're all hopeful but now there is no doubt that were in a crapshoot. I've been hodling. And lol now no choice but to hold my alts took a shit kickin. So bear market wise would it be realistic to say it may be a few years. Honestly tired of looking at my crypto

  2. Probably have a little BTC recovery now through tomorrow but the shorting to start again this weekend for a nice buying opportunity on Monday while the GBTC unlocking takes place. More shorting BTC this weekend and buying GBTC for the discound on Monday. Could see 29k. Just my thoughts, not advice. 😉

  3. 30k is the new BTC zero. If it's below….buy all you can. Closer to 30k, stronger the buy signal. BTC will only go below 30k for a few moments, probably for the last time.

  4. You should stop calling it the "bulls" and "bears" and start calling it the whales. 90% of the trading volume comes from only 4% of the wallets.

  5. Just saying….This is it. The true turn around. We’re going up now ☺️ sure it’s going to be a trail with scattered parts… but it’s ??? moon sock tilt ???☺️?✌?? peace everyone ☺️?✌??

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