USA vs China Overwatch World Cup 2019 Highlights | ESPN ESPORTS

USA vs China Overwatch World Cup 2019 Highlights | ESPN ESPORTS

Undefeated USA faces off against undefeated China in a first to 3 match for the Overwatch World Cup title. China returns to the Grand Finals after a losing to …


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  1. The US is fighting too many wars already, they are fighting Russia collusion in their elections.
    They are fighting WHO.

    They are fighting Venezuela and Iran.
    They are fighting in Libya and Syria
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  2. Imagine coming super strong out of nowhere and dominating whole group stages, playoffs and pre-finals only to get clean swept at grand finals two years in a row, lol..

  3. The biggest problem I have about the world cup is that everyone from the crowd to the casters are all so biased it's insane. Ye they won it this year but idk why everyone was on their side after choking in every previous world cup

  4. Is this the damm reason why we cant see full matches ??? cuz ESPN owns the rights to the gameplays ????

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