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  1. <The bull market is far from over, bitcoin tops are marked by increasinly illustrative price action until a blowoff top occurs and demand steps back. According to bitcoiи halving cycles, there should be at least other 4 months in this bull run, so, if the PI indicator (and Bitcoiи) might repeat a similar bull run to 2013. That would mean a local top relatively close in time and then another top to end the bull run towards mid year. lnvest0rs and traders find it difficult to decide how best to utilise the current market, hodling is profit able but tradlng is far more profitable. We need a trader with the correct technique and indicators to enable us earn big regardless of the current market (bulls or bears). I didn't think it was possible to make steady win from tradlng till I came across Eric Clark program for lnvestors/beginners who need understanding on how tradlng works, I have made more than 11BTC with Eric's assistance. He stands apart with experienced skill in the field. Here are his details on ᴛєIєɠram (@ericclark01)

  2. I don’t think you can actually play Axie yet. I think I’m missing something, but I went to the site on Apple play store and the web and the only thing you can do is buy the cards. Play says coming soon. I would live to play it if somebody can point me in the right direction.

  3. Aaron there many other content providers that share the same content. Have a slice of humble pie mate.
    The only difference between you and your brother's content is the opinion, and guest speakers.

  4. im sorry to say, but majority BTC holder are whale now because of the panic seller. The price its controlled. A lot of bullish news that can pump BTC now but it keep moving downwards.

  5. <<<<• <?The cyrpto market has been unstable people ask themselves if this is the right time to invest? Before jumping into conclusion I think you should take a look at things first . BTC price fall means analysts remain divided over whether it is entering a bear market or is just suffering a brief correction on the road to more record highs. Investors who bought early are still in profit despite the recent price crash and they also earn by trading. I’m still an investor and still I’m winning by applying the same method in every trade, you can also become a winner today. We should follow the way of earning more regardless of the current market (bulls or bears), which is trading. Buy the dip and trade…I have made over 15 btc profit not just by buying the dip but implementing tradess with signals supplied by Mr Sammy you can easily get to him on<<?///WhatsApp….+..1..2..1..0..3..9..0..0..9..7..6>>>>

  6. Everything is on ETH and BSC and Solana and polkadot are pretty far ahead of cardano.
    I doubt cardano will go anywhere specially as it don't have interoperability. Rather they want projects to move into their chain. Bad in a way.

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