A Virtual Reality Concert With Halestorm

A Virtual Reality Concert With Halestorm

Lzzy is asking you all to #stayhome and rock #withme ! 10th Anniversary Edition out now! https://lnk.to/Halestorm10thAnniversaryID Follow Halestorm …


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  1. Here I was wishing I could attend a concert, then this life performance starts playing on my playlist. Super excited I was Vibin with it. I finished working about 30 minutes into it and went and sat down and saw that I can move the camera So naturally I hooked my tablet to the TV and now my bedroom turn into the ultimate concert

  2. Well, sister…you never fail to impress, after watching couple times….it’ll do, for now….hope you are all safe n sound ?

  3. U guys were supposed to play in Malaysia last year before the covid lockdown. Was really looking forward to it. All the best, guys. Hope to see you soon.

  4. Lzzy, hello from Ukraine! I can't understand, why I didn't watch this concert earlier!!! So much goosebumps just from your glance to the camera! Love u guys sooo much and waiting in my country!)))

    UPD: wanna see all your concerts like this ?

  5. I don’t know how lzzy gets through a whole tour without shredding her vocal chords. I wonder how she trains to be able to pull it off. I find it so interesting how every singer has a style all their own, and lzzy knocks it out of the park!!Just started listening to you guys. Love the vibe and the music ?

  6. Lizzy, Once you are back on the road, I'm hoping that Ft Myers/Cape Coral are on your list. I was hoping to see you in the Cape one year, but you had to cancel out if my memory serves me correctly. You are on the bucket list!

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