Blasphemous Review

Blasphemous Review

Blasphemous reviewed by Steven Petite on Nintendo Switch Subscribe to IGN for more! …


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  1. This feels pretty nitpicky tbh, like you could’ve just said that the combat is repetitive which isn’t entirely wrong. AND HE GAVE IT A 7, shat on it for hours

  2. Super agree with this review. This game is really missing the gameplay variety and playstyle options of hollow Knight or dark souls. Deserves credit for it's aesthetic choices, but was a chore to play for a lot of the runtime.

  3. Honestly, I would've given it something even less. Tedious is the best description for this game. Best part about the game is the graphics but that quickly fades once you have to kill the same enemy for the 10th straight time using the same combat technique. Very disappointing.

  4. I’m loving this game. Old school graphics, metroidvania gameplay, soundtrack and macabre theme. Can anyone recommend me similar games? I have a Switch. Thanks

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