How will G2's roster change in the off-season? | ESPN Esports

How will G2's roster change in the off-season? | ESPN Esports

Tyler Erzberger and Arda Ocal discuss the future of G2’s League of Legends team as they enter the off-season. What kinds of changes will they look to make in …


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  1. the problem with either perkz or caps leaving the team is that they now have to face each other. putting caps on g2 eliminated perkz biggest competition even if he had to lane swap for it.

  2. Why perkz should change anything they won 4 LEC titles and msi thay can make 1more year take more LEC and maybe try again at worlds

  3. This is just clickbait compaeing upset to perkz is laughable upset may be a really good player but he never won a split or even went to worlds saying that upset to g2 is a roster move that can have similar succes like the team they have now is just incredibly stupid

  4. It is really meta dependent. If picks like syndra, yasuo zoe bot are a thing Perkz is a tier above the other adcs. Jankos is able to go carry style but his best style is providing support for 3 amazing solo lanes. It wouldn't surprise me if they stick together because there won't be a team that is as strong in the west and they all want to compete. But if one of them go to NA there are enough adc players in Eu to still be a top team.

  5. I dream of Fnc Perkz but i can already see him going go C9. He would still be in a team that can do well at World, and C9 is a team where he can be the franchise player while i don't think it would be the case in Fnatic. The main argument in Fnatic favour is if he rlly want to Win world asap like next year whereas it would take 2/3 years in C9 to be World Champion contender

  6. I think and that's just my opinion. That all G2 players know that current rooster is really good and if they would try to change anything it way more possible that instead of working out it will backfire. They made semis two years in the row with the same exact rooster. I think that's enough of a reason to not change anything (stop playing with your lanes just focus on your current roles) 🙂

  7. Honestly Perkz may feel like a natural midlaner but its not his best role as you proclaimed.
    In 2019 he was arguably the best adc in the world in the xayah and kaisa meta. He has never been in the discussion of best midlaners in the world. Even now with the meta not fitting his playstyle 100% he is still a better adc then mid laner. Just my opinion.

  8. I think if caps goes back to fnc he has the best chance to win worlds. Bwipo can stand up to Wunder. Selfmade outclasses jankos and if he gets synergy with caps the potential is big. Rekkles and Hyli might be the best bot in the world. Best bot in eu for sure.

  9. Its weird how no one talks about coaches etc… In other sports the first to lose his job is the coach not the player…. id rather kick some coaches and find good ones. Not like TSM mid laner going 0-6 and promoting himself to coach that's bullshit and proves what a joke e-sport really is such a wannabe sport…

  10. The only potential upgrade would be trading rekkles for perkz. Fnatic needs a mid and rekkles could be an upgrade, but that's not gonna happen for obvious reasons, rekkles is the franchise player for fnatic and they couldnt fill the adc hole

  11. This whole video is click bait and ESPN clearly knows absolutely nothing about esports. Let’s post a clickbait video where we have two ransoms that know nothing “speculate” on what changes might happen. Absolute garbage

  12. What kind of nonsense title is this? Why would they blow up a roster that brought back 4 domestic titles in a row and had one worlds final and one worlds semi back to back?

    Well I guess you made me click on the video so, good for you

  13. Lets be real, non of the G2 players is going to NA, but the confersation with all the NA based people is always "oh, is Caps or Perkz gonna come to NA, they are gonna break the bank if they come here", like get real. If one of them leaves they are going to Fnatic most likely. There is already a rumour that Perkz will be on loan (don't even now how that would work) to Fnatic for next year.

  14. Only reason they change that line up is if they get an upgrade…..and who do you upgrade? and where does that upgrade come from? This team won't be changing imo

  15. Imo Perkz should wait until spring split the game is about to go through a radical change. I think ADC might come back in a massive way in Season 11.

  16. Pleas get rid of this Tyler guy. He’s actually awful at commentating and he makes no sense half of the time. He just rambles nonsense. I won’t ever watch a vid with him in it again.

  17. The last 3 years they were a top 4 team? Uhhhh last year they were in the finals. So to say that they couldn’t “break through” is simply false.

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